• Where is the beach?

    There is no need to cross the street to go to the beach. Just go down the stairs, the sun beds, umbrellas and beach chairs are free.

  • Where can I park my car?

    In a garage for 6 Euros per day or in the parking lot with the gate closed at night.

  • Where may I have breakfast and dinner?

    In the summer season all our guests can have breakfast out on our white terrace or in the garden, with tables for all families. If it rains and during the mid season you can dine inside on one side of the restaurant that directly overlooks the lake.

  • Where is the street?

    The entrance of our house is located on the side of the road; 8 of our 25 rooms overlook the side of the road.

  • Is there a lot of noise?

    Our windows are double glazed and the rooms have air conditioning. If the windows remain closed the noise will not be bothersome. But yes, if they remain open.

  • What time can I arrive and find my room ready?

    Since we do not have fixed days for arrivals and departures, our guests should not have to always wait for their room and, when it happens, it usually a wait of just a few minutes, during which we will offer you a nice coffee, cappuccino, or a nice cold beer on our terrace...

  • I am food intolerant. Do you prepare food for those in my condition?

    Yes, on our breakfast buffet you will find a variety of available foods for people intolerant to dairy, yeast and wheat, and our kitchen only prepares cakes made ​​with spelt flour and natural yeast. For people who suffer from celiac disease we will give particular attention, however it is always best to notify us at the time of booking so that your particular request can be immediately fulfilled.

  • Is there a restaurant on site?

    At the Caletta Hotel Bolognese Chef Giovanni, who has been with us for over 3 years, will prepare you simple but incredibly tasty dishes cooked at the moment (all our pasta is cooked fresh when an order arrives to the kitchen), and paying particular attention to the use of fresh produce, meat and fish.

  • What time is breakfast served?

    Our morning breakfast starts at 8 AM with the buffet open until 11:30 AM. After this hour it will be table served out on our beautiful terrace, in the garden, or in your hotel room.

  • What time does the restaurant open?

    During the summer season our restaurant is open from 12:30 until 22:00, in order to not condition the schedules of our vacationing guests who are sometimes forced to go out to eat. If you would like to try a unique experience you can reserve a table for dinner out on our pier.

  • Do you accept dogs?

    We pay attention to all the families who would like to spend their holidays in the company of their friendly dog (without disturbing the other guests).
    We will offer them a particular service:

    - veterinary ambulatory (for a fee)
    - veterinary clinic open 24 hours
    - grooming on request
    - dog can sleep in the room on his own bed/pillow
    - dog will have his own bowl in the room to eat and drink from
    - food will be available - kibble (for a fee)
    - dog can accompany you at the outside restaurant with his own pillow and water bowl next to your table
    - you will find bags available for curbing your dog
    - towels available for drying them if it rains
    - "dog-corner" – rolls of paper and vinyl gloves available
    - display with accessories (for a fee)
    - bowl with water on the beach/garden
    - they can swim in the beach next to our establishment (without disturbing other guests)

    We offer all this at just a cost of 10.00 Euros per day.

  • How far away is the town center?

    Brenzone is not a town with just one center. It consists of 16 small villages, some directly on the water and others among the olive groves. At 500 meters from our establishment, by walking our beautiful "promenade" or along the lakefront, you will find our quaint town of Castelletto with its marina, shops and known bars and restaurants, and then Magugnano, Porto and Assenza.